Ski Concept : Ski shop in Megève!

Skis, ski boots and accessories – expert BOOTFITTING

  1.  AK and ZAI on sale and rental, only here in Megève
  2. Wide choice of accessories: gloves, helmets, goggles, sunglasses…
  3. Brands selected for their quality and innovation
  4. New shoes to bring you even more comfort
  5. Electrical fat bikes to broaden your horizons

A selection of exclusive ski products and premium services to meet the needs of more demanding

Skis out of the ordinary


Simon Jacquet’s long quest for the perfect ski gave birth to the brand ZAI.

Within the swiss workshop Disentis, workers who shape the skis only use top quality materials: woods, granite green, carbon, metal This rigorous selection allows to design unique products in the world . Excellence in excellence.


AK, a ski, a story. Former ski designer for champions after 30 years of experience from the best, Aldo Kuonen offers us the best chemistry for slides. Left too early, he left to his children the care to perpetuate the adventure and fame of this business.

Don’t try to explain emotions, just feel them.

Ski accessories

We like the quality. We love the originality. We love the technicality. We love the colors.

Gloves, hats, helmets, goggles and sunglasses, protections, luggages … all these products have been selected to reflect our personality and we hope you will find your happiness among them!

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The DAHU shoes

Ski boots that revolutionize the market ! No more heavy and bulky shells ! DAHU shoes consist of a Gore-Tex and fleece lining that inserts or withdraws from the shell very easily. This will allow you to switch from driving to skiing, walking in the city to dancing, all with a single pair of shoes. It combines the freedom and comfort without forgetting the performance. Discover them at the rental, and for the more convinced you will be able to buy them !

Heating boots


For the more sensitive people to the cold, we offer to rent new shoes equipped with a heating system.

The goal? An integrated battery spreading constant warmth between 4 and 16 hours depending on the selected heating level, which will isolate you from the cold in all circumstances.

Electric Fatbikes



Born 10 years ago in the United States, Fatbike is an ATV non-standard dimensions. With its extra-wide tires and electric assistance, you can expand your exploration ground and discover another experience on all types of terrain previously inaccessible!

Our prices:

39€/hour – 55 the 1/2 day 80€/day